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The Maccabees New Release: "Marks to Prove It"

Spotify says you’ll like them if you like: Bombay Bicycle Club and The Vaccines (but I would add Alt-J)

Best Track: “Marks To Prove It” and “Something Like Happiness”

See Live: Yes…but good luck, they haven’t hit the west coast of the US yet…I am impatiently waiting.

Rain or Shine: All weather..they are from England, so maybe rain?

Burbon, Beer or Bubbles: Beer, but you will probably spill it on those around you while dancing like a maniac…oh, wait..maybe that’s just me.

Hanging out or Running playlist: Running for sure.


This London indie rock band has been around since 2007 with solid success in the UK, but not much crossover love in the US. They gained traction in recent years after the release of their 2012 album Call to the Wild and played some daytime spots at a few major US festivals (including the Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers with long time friends Mumford and Sons).

The newest album, Marks To Prove It continues the upward progression of sound and lyrics from a band who has become more talented with each album they make. It is an evolutional musical moment that builds on the foundations of the past albums. With the hard fought process over the past three years, The Maccabees prove that bands can improve with time and experience. And this latest venture has two of their best songs to date. “Marks to Prove it” and “Something Like Happiness” could be listened to over and over and over again and never get old.

They are a band that the US radio should embrace and give them their well deserved accolades, but at the very least more people should know about this great band.

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