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Airpark: Early Works, Vol. 2

Music is a business. It’s a job. It’s an art and an industry.

And much like a tree falling in the forest making a sound; music is only something when people hear it. Bands with established followings record knowing that their releases will be heard. Everyone else lives and works in the forest of hope.

Brothers Ben and Michael Ford, formerly of The Apache Relay, and now the duo Airpark, are working hard to be heard. They targeted to hit one hundred shows in their first year while recording two EP’s. They know they need to get their new music out there.

The idea seemed clear says Ben, “Put out music more frequently…more digestible...instead of waiting a year and a half to release.” Produce new music while touring to find listeners and get feedback. The Fords are not inexperienced in the forest. They have played huge venues, been featured in major radio events, done festivals and had a song featured in a movie soundtrack. But the process is the same. Record. Get heard. See what sticks.

Released with a more minimalistic sound, the debut EP, Early Works, Vol. 1 and the single “All of the Time” gained early acknowledgement, but after realizing it sounded a bit “thin” live, they added more musicians to the show. Those lessons enabled Airpark to go back to their family owned studio, Eugenia Hall, and record four new songs for the September 15 release of Early Works, Vol.2.

Meant to be a sort of “mixtape feeling,” the music still feels cohesive. “Le Tigre” is the expected and solid single release, but “Blue Eyed Spanriad” is the biggest surprise. Ben on lead vocals is an exciting twist and not just because he has a soothing voice that compliments the familiarity harmonizing Michael. The song has been around for a while, but Ben confesses that Michael pushed him to record it …and Michael admits it is his favorite song on the EP.

Ben and Michael are focused on hitting that magic number of 104 shows this year. They are focused on working their sound. But most of all, they seem to be enjoying the forest. Find them on the road and listen at your pleasure.

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