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Album Review: Crack-Up by Fleet Foxes

Like most people aware of Fleet Foxes, I was first introduced to their music through the hit “Winter Hymnal.” During my musical reawakening of 2008, this song fit nicely into my playlists of "folksy-chill music." I even enjoyed running to the harmonic layer hit. The lack of new music since 2011 (a real hit to my folksy-chill playlist) combined with Robin Pecknold’s bout at Columbia University, make fans lucky to have the June 2017 album release of Crack-Up at all.

Tired of reading esoteric album reviews from famous music magazines and sites, I offer a much quicker breakdown of the album. Because really, phrases like, “..tracks wash together, song titles abound with opaque punctuation, and the sweeping melodies often wander into moody places, away from the safety of the campfire” (Rolling Stone) don’t really help me determine if I should listen to an album or not.


New Release: Crack-Up by Fleet Foxes

Spotify says you’ll like them if you like: The Decemberists (similar intelligent lyrics), Iron & Wine (obviously…Joshua Tillman was once in Fleet Foxes), Grizzly Bear (their new single is freakishly similar) and The Shins (every band since 1998 with a melodic, folk pop sound is compared to them).

Best Track: “Third of May/Odaigahara” and “Kept Woman”

See Live: Sure, but check the venue first. I’m skipping them in San Diego this September. I love the North Park Observatory, but I’m not sure I could stand for the whole show. The music is way too mellow and l'll need to sit down at some point. Yes, I just showed my age and great disgust for general admission/standing room only shows, oh well. See General Admission: Where a Normal, Non Violent Person Can Turn Into a Killer.

Rain or Shine: In front of a fire during the rain or cruising along a sunny beach with the windows rolled down.

Burbon, Beer or Bubbles: Bourbon drink in a

copper cup.

Extra: Listen to the very end of the last song “Crack-Up”…what is the purpose or hidden meaning? Because, I have no idea.

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