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I used to say I would go to more live shows if babysitters were free. Now that my kids are older, I would go to more shows if my their activities took up less time.


But I am still a mother of two, wife of one, trying to live a life outside the norm. Graduate school and academic writing took over music journalism for the past few years, but I plan to make a comeback now that I have a Masters in English (academic writing can be found at


I believe kids and parents should know about bands from REM and Punch Brothers to Elliot Smith and The Ramones. I can't play a musical instrument or hold a tune, but I can tell you if the producer screwed up the bass and treble levels in a song.


Rabblebee is my chance to share some of what I love.


Note to Readers:


Rabblebee's focus is to highlight the indie, alternative and folk music scene across the world with occasional musings on psychedelic and haze rock (sometimes "Dance Yrself Clean" is totally necessary for a kitchen dance party).  Although other music probably has merit, it's just not my thing...unless someone or some band in different genre does something incredibly stupid or noteworthy, Rabblebee will probably not comment.


So come along for the ride and let Rabblebee introduce you to new artists and remind you of some you forgot.






"Single word, meant to be repeated with gusto, in heated arguments or large groups of protesters. Used in place of 'real words', not to be chanted.


Bee:  Me/ A insect that make a sweet buzzing noise but packs a punch with it stings...also, Me.


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