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Hey Marseilles Enter A Mysterious World in the Video for "Eyes On You"

Although beautifully shot, the new video for “Eyes on You” from Seattle based band Hey Marseilles, is fairly cryptic.

Taking a look at a post apocalyptic world through the point of view of a fashion forward, turtle loving model is not what I pictured when I first heard the song.

Okay, sure, who wouldn’t go a bit batty in a post apocalyptic world…I too might raid a mini mart, gorge myself on twinkles and sheet cake surrounded by beautiful coats and shoes.

Wait a second…what the heck is going on here?

Maybe I am missing some sort of esoteric comment on the world.

Maybe the turtle is really just some sort of metaphor for leaving technology behind and slowing down in life. Maybe life is just a sampling of images posted together to form some sort of imagined utopia we present to the public. Or maybe the director just wanted to make a video with pretty individual images.

Either way, the good news is, the video does not take away from the true hero of the piece: the song.

Hey Marseilles will be releasing their self titled album Feb.5 and are currently on a national tour.

Buy the album and catch them in a city near you.

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