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Dawes Releases New Video for "All Your Favorite Bands"

Dawes new video for their single “All Your Favorite Bands” enlists some of their musical friends to sing along to the song and in light of the fact that one of my favorite bands just went their separate ways this week (so long The Apache Relay), the sentiment strikes a unique cord.

Although it is fun to see the likes of My Morning Jacket, Brandon Flowers, Gillian Welch and Shovels & Rope sing along in all their gritty filming greatness, it is the end portion of the video where Taylor Goldsmith sings with school children that makes it really special.

Explaining the video, Taylor said:

This is really a video made by our friends. All we told everyone is that we wanted some footage of them singing our song. All of their different settings and situations were completely their ideas. We had no idea what to expect. But we really love how it came together and for us, it really seems to suggest the musical family we feel lucky enough to have been a part of over the last six years.

Check it out :

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