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RIP Van Halen...You're on Groupon

Aging rock stars have never bothered me. Watching Mick Jagger run around the stage last May was inspiring and many musicians should play until they have two feet in the grave (Eric Clapton, Paul Simon and Paul Mc Cartney to name a few).

But it has to be a blow to the aging, pre Alzheimer's mind when tickets for your up and coming show end up as a Groupon deal.

That’s right, a Groupon…the bargain shoppers guide for discounted restaurants, bounce houses and spa treatments. The place new or failing business can try and lure customers into their shops.

But Van Halen in not some young pup on the music scene trying to pull an audience for the first time. The once stadium sell out mega band has been reduced to the likes of Train. Yep, the last time I saw a Groupon discount ticket for a concert was Train…Train, I say….the evil procurers of such horrific lyrics that haunt me in my sleep “Hey soul sister, ain't that Mr. Mister on the radio.”

The fact is Groupon is as haggard as David Lee Roth, but now shoppers can have their house cleaned, teeth whitened and watch Roth flail around in his leather pants, all for up to 60% off.

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