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10 Things I Took With Me: The Indigo Girls

1. When the crowd is 90% women, they turn the men’s bathroom into an additional women’s bathroom…and make the men basically exit the venue to relieve themselves.

2. Waiting 20 years to see a band you have loved since you were 20 years old is way too long to wait, but it’s worth every minute.

3. Political folk songs are always relevant. The line, “They say we been looking for illegal immigrants can we check your car/I say you know it’s funny I think we were on the same boat back in 1694” could have been written last week instead on 1997.

4. Witnessing two women rock on electric guitar is a thing of wondrous glory.

5. “Woo Girls” (see How I Met Your Mother) are great to have at concert when the audience gets to sing entire verses.

6. Outdoor concerts along the San Diego Bay cannot be beat.

7. It pays to attend a concert with a husband who plays guitar. Phrases like “That’s a beautiful Martin” and “They tuned the guitars so they harmonize like their voices" are happily heard throughout the evening.

8. Tears are totally acceptable when music hits a memory from 20 years ago.

9. Saying “They sound soooooo good” over and over again is allowed.

10. You know it was a good concert when you agree to see them again before you even walk out of the venue.

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