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Bowie Sets Up Legacy Long Before Death

David Bowie’s new album Blackstar, released on January 8th (his 69th birthday) and the Carnegie Hall tribute concert announced just hours before his death may not have been the surprise comeback that everyone first believed. In hindsight, even the title of his last single “Lazarus” hinted at a tragic end. They were all final artistic farewells left to follow a long legacy of musical brilliance.

Although he had fought cancer for 18 months, it now appears some of his closest friends were unaware of the finality of his struggle. Brian Eno posted a heartfelt letter about their 40 year friendship that culminated last week in email from Bowie that Eno realized was a final goodbye, “Thank you for our good times Brian. They will never rot.”

The outpouring of love and support has continued today from everyone from Paul McCarty and Yoko Ono to British astronaut Tim Peake (from actual space) helping remind the world of his impact on the world around him.

Bowie’s music has already experienced a “Lazarus effect.” Since the announcement of his death, four of David Bowie’s albums have shot to the top 10 on iTunes.

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