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New Music Monday: Albatross "Burden To Bear"

I like to think I am a simple girl with simple tastes (I just heard my husband do a spit take)…but really…I have bought wine solely because of the cute label on the front, I would rather wear flip flops than heels and I have been known to like a song and a band based solely on the fact they reference literature.

So in 2009, when Facebook told me to follow the music of Albatross, I did so because first, I always do what Facebook tells me (where is that sarcasm font when I need it) and second, the band name references The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. I knew the musician behind Albatross, Adam Stockdale, was a guitar tech for Mumford and Sons and I knew guitar techs are usually as good as, if not better, than the people they help on the stage (case in point, Dallas for The Edge). So it is a great pleasure that his first full length folk album, Desperate Times Best Forgotten, is something worth sharing.

Adam's recent move to Nashville has helped create the simple, yet textured sound found on the first song "Burden To Bear." Check it out.



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