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Mumford and the Waterfall of Pyro...that's not a typo.

Now I have seen it all…Mumford and Sons used pyro. They MUST be a full fledged rock band now.

Ok, slow down here for a second. First, yes, this is a pretty shoddy phone video and normally I say put the damn phone down and watch the show, but curiosity got the better of me and I had to see what their new show looked like (their first Gentlemen of the Road stopover is in Coney Island this weekend).

“Dust Bowl Dance,” a stand out song from their first album Sign No More, has always had quite an angry tone, and it’s brought to a roaring crescendo with Marcus Mumford on drums, Ben Lovett on stand up piano (not keyboard, and you can hear the beautiful difference) and Winston Marshall on electric guitar. Yes, people, Winston DID play electric guitar on the first album. The end bit of the song sounds like it should be a hot mess, but it is held tight and usually ends with a bit of mike-stand kicking and thrashing around.

But not anymore.

It now has cascading pyro.

A bit overdone to say the least.

(The pyro drops at the 3:50 mark.)

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