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How To Pass The Beer Test

Every parent has the responsibility to educate their children in the ways of the world. Sure, I want them to know how to read and write and be good humans, but I want to make sure to fill their souls with melodic sounds that lift their moods and bring them to places outside themselves. I want their inner-beings shaken by cinematic wonder.

Simply put: I need well rounded kids that can pass the beer test.

No, I am not advocating underage drinking, but when they ARE of age, I want them to be the kind of people you WANT to have a beer with. It’s a known fact that many jobs are lost and won because of this test. If you have to spend 8+ hours with an individual, would you then want to go for beers after work? My kids need to be able to thrive in any public situation and relate to those around them at different levels.

They need to know the classics: classic music and classic movies.

I am not talking about Mozart and Chaplin here, even thought they are important. I am talking talking about The Smiths and John Hughes. For now, the study guides will focus on the music portion of the test. And it IS a test and my kids better freaking pass with flying colors….or I have failed as a Mom.

So follow along with me and maybe together we can learn how to help shape better little humans.

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